Chill track for my youngest angel to her first birthday. E-MU E6400 Ultra sampler fully tracked and controlled by E-MU Command Station XL-7.


Elektron ScienceLab Feb 2015 – Hectoverbial

In February 2015 Elektron made a ScienceLab contest for existing Elektron boxes users. The task was to make a track purely out of one sample saying “We are not talking about simple looping device”. Contestants could use only Elektron devices with sampling feature (Machindrum, Analog Rhytm, Octatrack), max. track lenght was limited to 3 minutes, no external processing was allowed. No internal re-sampling either. Just re-synthesis.

This was my contribution.

AKWF for E-MU samplers

All credits for single cycle waves go to Adventure Kid for giving this away and to Inspektor Gadjet for re-tunning them into C key.

I just packed them for E-MU samplers to .e4b format. They are not immediately usable as presets! Consider them as a storage for hundreds of single cycle waves which can be used as sound design building blocks. Just browse through the samples, load your favorite ones and create your own unique voices.