Printing with dye sublimation Canon Selphy 800 printer, I’m constantly left with a lot of negative color layers of my photos as a trash. So I tried to come out with some use of these colorful foils. The lamp frame I’ve found on the street fitted perfectly into this little design project. I’ve named it ABBALUX as it revoke the memories of 80ies disco dance floor lights.

Diapositive Chandelier

Idea for this chandelier was borrowed from one I saw in the furniture shop yet the original was so different. Having in possession a box of old educative diapositives it was just a quick synaptic flash to visualize this in complete form. Sourcing the steel rods and mesh from my stainless-steel-obsessed father was a snap. Then it took one sunny afternoon spent with wire cutting and bending to form the cylinder and stick the rods inside.